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Flash & Strategy Management

One of our most sought-after service, this consulting solution focuses on optimizing the hotel organization's core management team. With the help of Enable PH's team of lead advisers, we integrate with the hotel management team to evaluate the performance of the organization and align it with action plans to deliver optimum results for the property. Think of us as your "drill sergeant" without the push-ups commands and our working set-up as a "productive hotel management boot-camp".

ConsulTIPID™ (One-on-One)

This solution offers swift and effective engagement in dealing with a pressing management issue on hand. Think of Enable PH as your "call-a-friend" option when you encounter a problem pertaining to hotel operations, administration, food & beverage, marketing, finance, human resources or engineering.

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Service Audit & Service Blueprinting

As they say in the hospitality industry, "the quality of service must always go up", and we at Enable PH guarantees your property's quality of service will always route upward. By implementing service audit measures, we pinpoint critical service interfaces that needs solutions to increase guest delight and elevate their over-all staying experience. We design a service blueprint conceptualized specific to your property to gain competitive advantage and maintain a steady improvement of service quality.

Market Demand Analysis with Financial Sensitivity Modeling

This service engagement caters to owners and companies planning of going into the hotel & resort business. We act as your business consultants who provides helpful business models and plan-of-action by creating an initial market study with financial projections along with coming up with solutions on how to mitigate risks associated in entering the hospitality industry.

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Integrated Marketing Communications Planning & Implementation

Travel accommodation establishments must be market positioned with sharp and realistic marketing plans. This engagement zeroes in on developing and implementing sound marketing plans that will yield top line financial results.

Business Model Development

Hotels & Resorts follow entry level core foundations. This consulting service is aimed at defining the right travel accommodation business model in the desired location and the key competitive advantages that will result to optimized financial results.

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Advisory Service for Architectural Plans

Great hotel properties must not only look good, it should also be operations friendly and guest friendly. Enable™.PH will sit down with your Architects and Engineers and point out improvements in the physical plans.

Management Committee Hiring and Commissioning

This consulting solution will be spearheaded by Enable PH's talent-acquisition team in order to scout and hire the perfect management team perfectly fitted for the unique dynamics of your hotel property.

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Professionalizing Family Organizations

For family-owned and managed properties, our Enable PH lead adviser will work with the family to conceptualize branding, operations and management strategy in line with family values, history and character as the client family prefers.